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    Best Practices

    Check Your Insurance: Events can happen - flood, extreme heat, earthquakes, fire, and more! It is important to check your insurance to obtain the best coverage possible and ensure that it is current.Review now with your insurance agent before a disaster/emergency occurs.

    If an Emergency Occurs: Please be patient and avoid tying up critical phone lines and our time. Our first priority during any emergency is to handle the situation, taking any necessary measures for the safety of your property and your tenants. Then, we will contact you as soon as we are able.

    The Summer is Looking Good for Real Estate

  • May 2017 was the highest grossing month for Central Texas Real Estate in the region's history.
  • Strong gains in listings activity as well as pending sales activity in Central Texas
  • New Home sales up in Cedar Park and Pflugerville
  • Austin based Home Away adding 2,000 new jobs
  • 1 Million Fewer Homeowners today than 10 years ago nationwide
  • See Rick's blogs on the ALPS Facebook page>>

    Credit Reports Are NOT Enough

    Many people think tenant-screening means only obtaining a current credit report. This information is important in today’s rental market and they contain more details than ever before. There are continual changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA, because landlords, employers, and businesses consider credit ratings a valuable source.

    Then why is a credit report not enough? Running a credit history and relying on just one area for approving an applicant is simply not comprehensive enough. A credit report just does not give you ALL the facts, and in particular, does not reflect how that person will maintain your property. Credit reports do contain a lot of information, but you need to have several sources to give you a “complete picture” of the person you are considering as a future tenant.

    This process starts with our comprehensive tenant application. This gives us written permission from the applicant to obtain a credit report, which is an important part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Without this authorization, property owners are liable for illegally obtaining credit information.

    The application also provides us with other information needed to determine the tenant’s qualifications.

  • Rental history or ownership – how will they take care of the property?
  • Reliable income – can they support the property every month?
  • Personal references

  • “Cross-referencing” this information on the credit report to the application is very important.
  • Does the credit report reflect the same addresses the applicant has listed? This is very important for ferreting out “additional residences”; the applicant might not want to show them due to rental history problems or recent evictions not yet reflected on the credit report.
  • Does the credit report show any conflict on employment or income on the application?
  • Does the credit report reflect the correct birth date and social security number? They could be using the information of another family member with a similar name.
  • Does the credit report reflect bankruptcies or an eviction that the tenant has failed to disclose?

  • A credit report sometimes reflects the name of the employer. However, it does not usually show income details, their supervisor, or other important details of employment. Requiring “verifiable” written documentation for income, such as W-2’s, tax statements, and other sources from the applicant is the way to obtain this documentation, as well as calling for verbal verifications. In addition, a credit report will not show many other types of incomes, such as trusts, investments, welfare payments, or more.

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