The Austin Landmark Rental Application Process – Property Management Austin, TX

There are many different ways to manage the application process. If you ever look for a house on Craigslist, you’ll see there are a lot of different landlords with a lot of different styles. Some just want to run a credit report on Credit Karma, and others have more involved tests. Today, we’re talking about how we do it and what everyone needs to do. Everyone needs to adhere to fair housing laws. It’s also a good idea to make your written rental criteria available to each potential applicant. There are a few specific things we do at Austin Landmark.  Read more

Landlord Insurance – What You Need to Cover Your Austin Rental Property

Something I hear a lot from landlords is: what kind of insurance do I need, and am I properly covered? These are good questions. One of the founders of our company came from an insurance background, and we set this company up to mitigate risk and do things the right way, especially with insurance. So, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to insurance and investment property. Read more

What is an Expert Property Manager? Austin, TX Landlord Education

Property management is a real estate niche, just like lakefront property is a niche and luxury homes are a niche. I don’t spend my time trying to sell farms and ranches or oil leases or $10 million lakefront properties. I want to stay in my niche, which is property management. All of us at Austin Landmark are licensed Realtors, and most of us are landlords ourselves. We can buy and sell any real estate in Texas. Our specialty, however, is property management. We’re not trying to hustle sales. We come to the office every day working for you. Read more

Why Won’t My Property Manager Call Me Back? Advice for Landlords in Austin, TX

Today, I have some advice for landlords who are frustrated because their property manager isn’t calling them back. Communication is important, and you hire a property manager so you know what’s going on with your property. Having a professional manager means you can do other things with your life and not worry about your property. Read more

When to Rekey Locks for Rental Property | Management in Austin, TX

Does a landlord have to change locks between tenants? Yes. If you don’t already know, you have to change your locks at your rental property between each occupant. This doesn’t mean just rekeying the locks between each tenant. If you have a short-term rental or you have a vacation house that you live in sometimes and rent out at other times, you need to change the locks every time someone new occupies the home. Read more

Austin, TX Rental Property Inspections – How Important are they?

Rental property inspections or property surveys while tenants are in place are necessary and important, but it’s not always a good idea to have them done by property managers. I always advise people to be wary of any property manager who claims to personally be at the property more than once a year. I don’t want to say anyone’s lying to you, but property managers have a lot of things they need to be doing. Physically being at a property that doesn’t have any current red flags is not a priority. A home inspection is important and necessary, but often a lower priority when emergencies are going on. Read more

Austin, TX Rental Market Analysis and Trends | Property Management Update

There is a lot going on in the Austin rental market, and today I am providing a market update. We’re also going to talk about how to navigate a challenging market. I have some statistics that I don’t want to bore you with, so I’ll give you the bottom line: we’re in a competitive market right now. It’s not oversaturated in all areas, but the supply is exceeding the demand in several areas. This is leading to above average lease times. Read more

3 Tips on Converting Short Term Rentals into Long Term Rentals in Austin, TX

Partnering with a professional property manager will help you convert your short term rental to a long term rental. Today, we’re talking about the process and sharing three tips to make it more efficient. Read more

Service and Emotional Support Animals – Guidelines for Your Austin Rental Home

Here in Texas, you do not have to allow pets in your property, and there is no limit on the deposit you can charge someone moving in with a pet. At Austin Landmark, we restrict size and breed when it comes to pets. Most of our properties do accept pets and we encourage landlords to accept pets unless there are circumstances like you’re terribly allergic to cats and you might move back into the property one day. Some natural hardwood floors are also very susceptible to dogs and cats. And, some landlords have had terrible experiences and don’t want pets. So there are times when we do say no to pets. Read more

How to Choose the Right Vendors for Your Austin, TX Rental Property

At Austin Landmark Property Services, we manage around 500 properties, which results in a lot of property maintenance services. That means we develop and maintain relationships with good vendors to make sure all repairs are made correctly and affordably. Today, we’re talking about those relationships and how to partner with vendors to succeed with your rental property. Read more

What to Expect from Your Austin Property Management Company

What does a property manager do, and what should you expect from your property manager? As landlords, we enter contracts with property managers, and you can read about how to interview a property manager and what a property manager does, and you get a lot of different opinions. Some people say the property should be inspected every two weeks, or having a property manager will save you from problems and you’ll never have an eviction or a nonsense repair. Really, a property manager gives accountability to the situation. That’s the main thing a property manager should do. So, let’s talk about setting expectations. If you have expectations beyond what’s in the contract, talk about them at the interview. You have to make sure you are aligned on culture and expectations. There are a few things to discuss before you sign a contract with an Austin property management company. Read more

How to Rent Your Austin, TX Property Faster and for More Money

Making money with rental properties depends on renting your home faster and for more rent. Today, we’re talking about some of the things you can do. Read more

Life Expectancy of Household Appliances in an Austin, TX Rental Home

Today we’re talking about the life expectancy of household appliances and items. It helps us with our budgeting and it helps us to be fair and consistent with our security deposits and how we return them to tenants. Read more

Handling the Eviction Process in Texas – Austin Property Management Education

Talking about the eviction process in Texas might seem negative and depressing but as landlords, we need to think about evictions and know how to handle them. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at a big loss. Today we’re discussing what not to do, how to manage the process, and some of the costs associated with evictions. Read more

Top 3 FAQs for a First Time Landlord – Property Management Austin TX

First time landlords need to focus on a lot, especially if they aren’t using professional property management in Austin. There are three specific areas that are especially important for DIY Landlords. These are evictions, insurance, and home warranties. Our most frequently asked questions come from these topics, so we’re talking about them today. Read more

Austin, TX Property Code Compliance | Professional Property Management Education

Today we are discussing Property Code compliance for Landlords and Property Management in Austin, including security devices and safety devices, habitability, city regulations and association regulations for your Austin rental property. Read more

How Much Does Property Management Cost in Austin, TX – Tips for Landlords

Today we’re talking about how much property management costs in Austin, TX. It’s important to know what you can expect when you interview different companies for property management in Austin. Read more