Mike Gonzales Earns RMP Designation

Shown on the right is Mike Gonzales being awarded his RMP designation from Michael Ebert, RMP current president of the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  We at Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc. are proud to have shared in Mike’s achievement as we have seen him work diligently through the years to obtain his RMP designation.  The course of study and work includes 200 unit hours of continuous property management experience over 2 years (Mike is way beyond that point), eighteen hours of course work study, provide service to the local NARPM chapter and or to national, and attend state, regional, or national NARPM conferences.  Mike has been very active in NARPM and will serve as next year’s Austin Chapter President.

Again, congratulations Mike Gonzales!

Rick Ebert | Austin, TX | 24 June 16


5,000 new Austin Jobs in May 2016

As reported in the Austin American Statesman, Austin added a whopping 5,000 new jobs in May.  The unemployment rate for this period was reported at 2.9%.  To back up this statistic I have seen “Help Wanted” signs every time I pull into a shopping center and park in front of a business.  Add it looks as if this trend is going to continue in the near future.  A recent study of local businesses stated showed that 25% of those surveyed plan to add more staff in the third quarter of 2016.  On the flip side, a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that Austin trails in wages, and that the middle class type of jobs is losing ground.  That means to me that although you can have a job in Austin that you may not be able to afford a house in Austin.  This is a thread that we at the Austin Board of Realtors® have been tracking for about 2 years.  There is no solution in sight.  This means that for us investors in Austin area residential real estate that we have a product that is in demand; and that demand will seem to keep growing for the foreseeable future.  Even with these affordable housing issues the Austin area is still below the national average when it comes to both owning and renting a house.  Many of these new immigrants to Texas are coming from California’s tech cities such as my former hometown of San Jose which has a house average hovering around $900,000 on average.  A 2 bedroom 1 bath home of 832 square feet recently sold for $650,000 which is well below the average price for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Austin.  The average price for a home selling through the Austin MLS system in April was $278,000.  And for this reason alone a lot folks in California are eager to move to Austin.


Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 17 June 16

Congratulations to Pam Fite and to Shelly Longoria

Pam Fite became a licensed Texas REALTOR® in December, 2015. She recently completed the requirements to earn the Texas REALTOR® Leasing Specialist certification (TRLS) from the Texas Association of REALTORS®. The course of study consisted of four, three hour classes in leasing techniques, agency, and marketing.

Shelly Longoria recently completed a six month course of study in the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program. This in depth program has the mission to educate and develop future leaders in our industry.

We are proud to count both Pam and Shelly as long-time valued employees and salute their commitment to bring the highest values that our industry has to offer to our company.

Rick Ebert/ Austin, Texas/ 10 June 16

Pam TRLSGraduation pic


Indeed to add 1,000 jobs to Austin + More

Indeed Hiring:

Yesterday local TV station KVUE aired a report stating that online job posting firm “Indeed” is moving into new their new 220,000 square foot office in north Austin.  Currently Indeed is located downtown and employs 500.  An interview with Indeed spokesperson Chris Hyams stated that they like Austin because of their tie in with the University of Texas as they hire many graduates.  How sweet is that!  He also stated that 50% of all job searches for Austin come from people living outside of Texas.

Seems that everyone wants to live here, and that is good news for us investors of local area residential real estate.  Except for the traffic – that’s the bad news!


As reported in the June edition of the Austin REALTOR® the 2015 unemployment rent in Travis County was only 3.15% – that is good news.  The article went on to state that the majority of jobs created in the last “10” years did not pay enough to meet a family’s basic needs – that is bad news.  The article however was silent about the jobs being created today and in recent years and what they pay.  I suspect that these most recently created jobs pay well or people wouldn’t be flocking to our area to live in a tent!  However our area is seeing escalating home prices and many homes within the city limits of Austin are getting out of the reach of many because the amount needed for a down payment keeps going up and is a hard number to catch.  So as property owners of residential rentals we are filling one of life’s basic needs, shelter.  As home prices continue to increase so should the rents, and so should our bottom line.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 1 June 16