150 More Jobs Coming to Austin!

As reported in today’s Austin American Statesman, Acxiom, an Arkansas based firm providing marketing, and information and management services, will filling 150 positions in Austin by November. The jobs will include 150 positions in areas including network engineering, security engineering, systems engineering, network architecture, and project management. A pay range wasn’t cited in the article but I assume that they will be in the $80K range. As per Janet Cinfio, a VP for the firm, the reason for the Austin office is to tap into the technology pool that is growing daily here. They would seem to know their stuff since they have 4,500 employees worldwide. I hope they give each new hire bus tickets to help ease our terrible traffic problems – 4th highest in the nation.

Another firm relocates its HQ to Austin

Sizmek Inc, according to the Austin American Statesman, is relocating their headquarters from Dallas to Austin. The paper never stated what this company does (interesting) but did state that they are relocating here because Austin is a vibrant tech community. They have 50 employees here already and will be adding another 25 with room for another 25 employees. Sales, service, accounting, and technology will be the focus of the new and existing jobs here. Just one more reason to own Austin area residential real estate – all these folks need to live in something!