1,000 More Jobs Coming to Austin!

Interactions Corp stated in article appearing in today’s Austin American Statesman that they plan on hiring 1,000 data entry types because business is so good. The jobs will pay between $12 hour to $18 an hour. The reason stated to bring the jobs to Austin is the area’s dynamic work force and the number of bilingual folks living here.

Expert States that the Austin Economy Will Keep On Rolling

The Austin American Statesman reports that Eldon Rude, a local economist, who generally has been right on track with his predictions, informed the Real Estate Council of Austin on Wednesday that Austin economy looks solid for years to come. He pointed out that Austin has been growing by 20,000 persons since 2010 and the last two years t…he numbers were 30,000. He stated, and I agree, all these people have to live somewhere. Rude also stated that the Austin economy should grow 3% annually to 2010. He also stated that this ind of growth rate will end but it will come from an event outside of Austin (Washington I assume). For now it is comfort-ing to ave invested in Austin area residential real estate – let the good times keep on rolling!