SoftServe Moves It’s HQ to Austin!

Folks this isn’t the soft serve that is frozen custard (darn!), instead it is (guess what) a software firm that specializes in development, testing and consulting for clients such as HomeAway, RentMeNot, and BazarrVoice, and Dell Their HQ is in Florida but they like Austin better. They plan on having 100 employees here by the end of the year. Great – just leave your cars in Florida because our traffice is soo bad!

Just another great reason for owning Austin area Residential Investment property.

Old News but still Great News!

Why the Austin American Statesman would print an article that uses old statistics is beyond me. Yet when I look at the statistics (mostly from 2012 and 2013) I can say yep, we did that, and it was very good. The article cites the Kaufmann Foundation (whatever that is) stating that Austin is business-friendly city and a great place to live (ya think that is why so many folks are moving here – duh). It goes on to state that in 2012 that the job growth rate was 3% (yep or better) and in 2012 the local economy expanded 6.3% (yep or more). The article stated further another good reason to live in the Austin area is that cost of living here was 3% lower than the national average, and the median price of a home is $199K. Well guess what folks, the median price of a home selling in today’s market is around $230K.

Just more reasons to own Austin Area rental properties. Income and appreciation equals profit!

More Businesses are Moving and Expanding to the Austin Area

Announced this week in the Austin American Statesman, Metacloud, a California based firm cloud tech firm is opening an Austin office to tap into the local talent pool. The Pasadene based firm will hire 30 employees including engineers, support, and sales. Pet Supplies Plus, a Michigan based retailer of pet supplies, plans on opening 15 stores in central Texas. The stores will employ up to 20 persons at each location. And lastly coming to us via Las Vegas is a sub shop is Capriotti’s. Lets face it, all these folks coming to the Austin area gotta eat somewhere! They plan on opening 20 shops in the Central Texas area. One of the reasons for the Austin area expansion is the vibrancy of the city.

Okay, so how many rent houses do you want? Doesn’t it make good sense to try to house all of these folks and cash in on the traffic?

Home on the Range (gun range) in Pflugerville

TrackingPoint has raised $64M to expand their gun manufacturing beyond military and hunting uses. The firm makes tracking devices that will allow uses to make more accurate shots from hundreds away from their target. They already have a $3M ballistics lab and a 500 yard lab (range). They are working on a device that will track objects going up to 120 mph and 1,200 yards away. If you are interested in buying one of these devices (Christmas is only 6 months away) you can do so directly and the cost is a mere $10K. The company has 80 employes and 2013 sales were $10M and expected to double in 2014.

Just another associated reason that ownin Austin read residential real estate makes good sense. Business are expanding here, general sales of just about everything is up. and folks need a place to live.

Austin’s Apple is Baking!

As reported in today’s Austin American Statesman, Apple, Inc. Austin division has created 743 new jobs in 2013. Apple continues to invest in Austin by adding 1 million more square feet of space over seven buildings. Those seven buildings are expected to employ an additional 3,600 folks (is this the size of a small city?). It was stated that Austin is a place where technology thrives and evolves and that market leaders gavitate to this kind of environment. These jobs are clean, high paying jobs and would be the envy of any city to have them come their way or in the case of San Jose, just stay there. But here they come!

Just another good reason to buy Austin Area residential real estate.