Rick Ebert & Mike Ebert Attend the NARPM Broker / Owner Retreat

The 3-day retreat was held in Las Vegas and attended by over 700 residential property managers from across the USA who came together to learn from each other as to how to increase customer service and how to learn new busienss techniques, and of course to have some R n R! I was honored to be the moderator for a panel discussion on Legacy Planning and proud that Mike was a member of the esteemed panel. Even after being in the business for over 25 years I came back with lots of new ideas and with most of my money!

Forbe’s Chooses Austin as No. 1

Choosing Austin as the number one city in the nation is quite an honor. Amoung other criteria the magazine cited Austin’s 5.88 increase in economic growth as one of the main reasons for their choice. Of course we already knew that the area was adding a ton of jobs here. Two other major reasons for their choice was the University of Texas that provides a great talent pool, and the tech sector. Forbees forgot to mention the hot and humid days of August (thank goodness for air conditioning) or the traffic that all the new transplants are in large part creating. Those issues aside, Austin is a great place to live and work, and a great place to own residential rent property!

Texas Tops California in Tech Exports!

As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, Texas has topped California in exporting computers, communications equipment, and similar technology. The Austin area ranked 35th nationally in this category, which frankly seems low, considering all the high tech jobs we have in this area, but then again this information is limited to “exports”. I guess the study doesn’t recognize that we in Texas think that anything that leaves the state is “exported”!

ALPS Salutes Staff Members

Austin Landmark Property Servcies, Inc. salutes staff members Mike Gonzales, Shelly Longloria, Rebecca Panacci, and Mark Witmer, along with Rick and Ebert, for attending the regional conference of the National Associaition of Residential Property Managers. They attended the 2 day event that had speakers and classes and work shops concerning the residential property management industry. Mike Gonzales, Shelly Longloria, Rebecca Panacci and Rick Ebert also attended in the same week the Texas Associoation of REALTORS winter meeting. They attended the property management committee meeting and the property management forum where important informaiton was delivered by the Texas Associaiton of REALTORS and by the Texas Real Estate Commission concerning property management issues.

It was a lot of sitting and listening, but well worth it!

More Good Job News on Austin’s Horizon?

Websense, a San Diego firm that developes software to protect businesses from cyberattacks, is considering from their HQ to Austin. They would create 470 jobs with an average pay of $82K a year – not bad wages. Also Dropbox, which is already in Austin, is thinking of expanding their Austin workforce by 170 new jobs that would have an average pay of $52K a year.

Obviously these folks think, as I do, that the Austin area is the right place to be right now. And that is why I own rental property in our area, and why you should to. It has been more steady than the stock market, and can even be included in your IRA!

Austin New Car Sales Are Up 13%!

That’s nice but what does that have to do real estate you ask? Well let me tell ya: It’s an indicator that our local economy is robust and healthy, and when you have a healthy and robust economy you have money in the local marketplace. And that equates to folks wanting to live in a nice home to park their new car. These week the stock market has taken a real licking, down 7% for the year. Meanwhile rents are up. It is a great time to own Austin area real estate!

It Is Official: Athenahealth Is Expanding and Austin Wins!

The health care technololy firm also considered sites in California, Georgia and Massachusetts but Austin because of it’s talent pool and other business reasons (like good climate!). The firm will add 607 new jobs with an average pay of $120K yearly. What city woudn’t want that!

Y’all come on down – just leave your cars at home, our roads are clogged already.

Just another reason why owning Austin Area real estate is a smart move – have you watched the stock market this week: what a nose dive.